healing : activation : alignment : integration : awakening
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$200 USD


My work is activation
Activation is integration
Integration is awakening
Being awake is being alive

I sync you to a cosmic system of intelligence that will accelerate your process of awakening.

I lessen the gap between you and ‘wholeness’. Between you and your purpose.

Another way: I help you lead a healthier, more fulfilled life that feels ‘right' to all aspects of your being, rather than ‘fine’ or ‘okay’.

What's blocking your evolution or spiritual ascension are usually things you cannot see. Things like subconscious programs from childhood, energetic entanglements with foreign entities, energy drainage or derailment from past lives or soul loss.

Lacking your conscious awareness or attention, they remain unhealed and manifest in your waking life as physical, mental and/or emotional health issues. Things that keep you stuck, hold you back or actively drag you down.

Whatever's manifesting in your physical life as problematic and seemingly beyond your control - no matter how hard you’ve tried to resolve in the past - is usually connected to your subconscious or energetic body. (We have more than one energetic body, but will continue referencing ‘one’ for simplicity). And since we cannot solve what we cannot see, we accept the condition, resign ourselves to a sub-par reality and basically live the equivalent to a half-life (or less)!

My work is about unearthing the root of your issue(s). Untangling it, and setting you free to evolve the way nature - your soul - intended.

Using a blend of shamanic, reiki and intuitive techniques, I create the necessary conditions in your physical and energetic body for you to be a vibrational match to higher states of being.

This can mean different things for different people, but for most clients, the process can be broken down into four parts.

healing : activation : alignment : integration : awakening

            >> healing <<

Healing the energetic body can consist of:

  1. Retrieving lost soul parts by locating the source or trauma that caused the initial separation and integrating that aspect of yourself back into your being. In shamanism, this is known as soul retrieval and results in a regained sense of power, ability and wholeness (ie: I feel like myself again).
  2. Removing entities stuck within your aura, draining you of energy. Entities can become entangled in your aura during vulnerable moments in life. When part of you is open and desirous of help or assistance in the physical world, entities may respond instead - and leech off your system for years. Removing them brings a regained sense of control over your life, feelings of lightness and less internal conflict.
  3. Balancing your 7 chakras located in your physical body. Chakras can become blocked or dimmed by stress, trauma or a combination of both. When your chakras are in balance, energy can flow freely throughout your system, promoting equilibrium - a felt sense of wellbeing.

            >> activation <<

Activation is like flipping on a light switch. The lights here are your 8th-12th chakras, located above your head. These chakras are your pathways to ‘god,’ your higher self and the cosmic trajectory of your soul.

Once activated, you might develop the ability to lucid dream, astral travel and manifest more precisely.

You may also gain an awareness of your past lives, and begin integrating the skills and knowledge gained during them into this one.

*Note: Results are dependent on where you are at this stage in your evolution. Even after being activated, a conscious change may not appear for weeks, months or even years. Your system is intelligent. Trust its pace. Everything happens exactly when and as it should.

            >> alignment <<

During our session, I will receive information on how to align your physical and energetic body so as to integrate the experience as well as facilitate (and ensure) its continuation. This can be instructions related to diet, exercise and spiritual practices. For example, you may need to focus on a particular image during meditation, perform certain postures or breathing exercises or remove / include certain foods in your diet.

We want to ensure you remain a vibrational match for higher states of being.

            >> integration <<

In addition to alignment, there may be other exercise for you to perform to ensure the experience has been integrated and will lead to further and deeper forms of integration. This can be creating relationships to spirit guides or newly retrieved soul parts, performing rituals for specific purposes or bringing new colors or items into your living space.

Another component of this is a whatsapp group I’ve created for my clients post session, which you have the option of participating in. I imagine this as a constellation of beautiful souls around the world vibrating at the same frequency -- connected and receptive to advice I recieve regularly on how to further enhance integration and evolve spiritually. Eventually (post-CO-VID 19), I’d like to make this a more active component of my work, with in person meet-ups.

I work with spirit guides and my higher self to heal, activate, and align you to cosmic intelligence for the purpose of awakening. This happens by scanning your body and addressing whatever comes up at the time - which means, whatever your soul considers necessary to be taken care of at this stage of your evolution. The price for a session is $200 USD, paid via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal for non-US clients.

  1. Schedule an appointment: I work between the hours of 12-7 CET, Monday - Friday. Email me with your preferred time and a brief description of why you'd like a session. I will confirm your appointment or suggest an alternative time.
  2. Call + session: At the arranged time, I will call you on video to discuss what you’d like to address in the session and go over what to expect. Afterwards, completely relax on your back, with your feet separated at a comfortable distance, hands palm facing up. The session will last around 40 minutes to 1 hour. Try to remain receptive and still throughout the session.
  3. Follow-up call: I will call you shortly after the session has ended to discuss what was addressed and discovered during the session. For some, it may only cover healing. For others, it may be focused on instructions or messages received from your higher self or spirit guides. Every one is different, every time.
  4. Whatsapp Network: If you’d like, you can be added to a whatsapp network of clients. I often receive guidance on what individuals can do post session to enhance their integration experience. This works collectively because the process puts you on a similar vibration, thus making the information relevant to everyone I work with. 

This is highly individualized work and varies from client to client. Some of the more common effects reported by clients are described below.

            << during session >>

  1. Racing thoughts/agitation: more likely when you’re in expectant rather than receptive mode. Totally normal, especially if this is your first session with me, or of this kind. But don’t worry, thinking about your to-do list will not detract or effect your experience at all.
  2. Head pressure: working on your third eye and bindu chakra can create mild tension, which often dissipates by the end of the session.
  3. Tingling sensations or muscle spasms: this is normal and usually indicates which area is being cleared energetically.

            << post session >>

  1. Enhanced dreaming experience: vivid, more poignant and sometimes lucid. Your subconscious is upgrading your psyche, processing unearthed trauma and re-integrating new aspects of your being as you sleep. Your dreams will likely contain a lot of important and often premonitory information, so keeping a dream journal is strongly encouraged.
  2. Heightened intuition: capacity to hear and LISTEN to yourself (and maybe spirit guides) increases, like a radio channel regaining its signal.
  3. More energy, power and confidence: saying yes more than no, or no more than yes. Meaning your tendencies to stay-small or people-please will auto-adjust to suit your personal evolution
  4. More space in body and mind: an ease and fluidity in thought and motion
  5. Physical manifestations: when your energetic body is cleared, your physical body follows suit. Red spots or acne can appear around areas addressed in the session, signifying the release of toxins - a great sign! In sessions where physical ailments are addressed, the manifestations may be more severe, ie: sleep disruption, body temperature and energy level fluctuations.
  6. Haze: an intense session can sometimes result in brain fog. This is your body in transition, adapting to its upgraded and higher-functioning environment and condition - another good sign!
  7. Increase in sleep: again, this is your body transitioning from one operating system to another, often with the help of your spirit guides, who may continue working on your energetic body as you sleep.

  1. Take salt baths to ground the new energy floating through your being
  2. Drink a ton of water to help flush out toxins
  3. Return when ready: it can be tempting to book another session right away, especially if your first experience was profound/transformational. But doing this work without enough time in between can overwhelm your system and create unnecessary stress and confusion in your waking life. Sustainable change is gradual. I recommend at least 2 weeks in between sessions.

To shift the collective consciousness towards evolution, the planet needs ALL of you to show up, to be present at this crucial moment in time. Due to societal conditioning, parts of you are likely missing or sleeping or dormant which is all the same energetically — inactive.

We have to heal individually to heal as a whole. To become fully living people on a fully living planet.

I do this work because I care deeply about THIS life. I want to improve your quality of life because it affects mine and the welfare of our planet, the universe, multiverse, infinity - everything!

We are all just different waves of the same particles. Or different particles of the same waves. We are one. And must be active in order to fulfill our potential.

Plus! Because CO-VID 19 has us all quarantined, now’s the perfect time to do intense inner work which can sometimes require taking more rest, alone time and re-balancing your system.

Let’s get to work!


The process of healing and awakening can complicate your life right now. If you're reading this, you likely prefer complication to stasis, but I feel it's worth mentioning because the change can be dramatic. Not all progress is smooth, pleasant or expected.

You may find your job, partner or living situation suddenly unbearable. You may hate all your clothes, need to start wearing only purple or feel the need to completely change your diet. It can look like anything!

I encourage you to be patient with yourself and embrace these new inclinations with love and curiosity. The path to wholeness is as complex as you are, and does not happen overnight. To break through, one must often break down.

Life is game of learning. When your accept the challenge, you start to play. And playing’s when, and where the magic happens. Getting a little dirty is to be expected.

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