This meditation was channeled a week ago as a part of an alignment/ascension program I’m developing.

During the process of transcribing and rerecording, I received a message explaining that it should be released much sooner, as fast as possible, from my guides.


We are a tipping point in reality. A state of limbo reaching a crescendo in light of CO-VID 19. More specifically, how this virus is being handled by world leaders and the media.

I’ve been shown two probable timelines for how this can play out, which will affect the world in a HUGE way, over the course of our lifetimes.

Let’s call the first scenario FEAR.

In this timeline, people who are beginning to wake up and grow suspicious of the intentionally confusing tactics of the media and governing bodies will remain passive and not do anything to counter misinformation or rules threatening their privacy, safety and wellbeing. They will deny their inner voices as trained and allow uncertainty to default into fear, remain disempowered and carry on with orders like ‘responsible  citizens.’

Even though the universe is basically shoving them to wake up at this point, they will remain aligned to the status quo, receive vaccines and trudge along working from home, grateful to still have a job. Note: these are the people who still have jobs and/or enough security to not be in a complete state of panic right now, unlike those who can no longer provide for their families.

They will likely get vaccinated, even if they are not completely on board with the idea, for the greater good. Again, because they are tied to an outdated (or passive) version of being a ‘responsible citizen.’

The thing about vaccines, (and any invasive preventative measure, ie: ‘the wall’)…

Vaccines are essentially inoculations of fear. They are preparing your body for an unknown. A worst case scenario. When you assume any defensive position - in this case using your physical body - you are making yourself a vibrational match for an attack.

Consider how the same scenario plays out in your mind. You worry about something. Your mind addresses the worry by imagining the worst potential outcomes related to the worry. Anything you energize using thought is more likely to become a reality. In both cases, the reality is CATASTROPHE.

The truth is, we don't know if we’ll be infected, or how the virus would manifest in our individual bodies if we were. By getting vaccinated, we are subscribing to the fear of CO-VID 19, and thus, aligning ourselves to it. We are subjecting our bodies to the stress of evolving OUT OF FEAR, not choice, not faith, not desire. Inviting fear into our bodies creates the conditions for mutation and attack. Protection from CO-VID 19 perhaps, but at what cost further down the line?

The darkness of this timeline lies in the perpetuation of human disempowerment and slavery to a system that cares only about sustaining itself at all costs. It looks like the apocalypse. Pits people against each other with standard media scare tactics - broadcasting a reality of scarcity and misanthropic behavior - so you continue to double lock your doors and side-eye your neighbors. More poor people die unnecessarily. You’re grateful it's not you until it is you.

Let’s call the second scenario is FAITH.

In this timeline, the same people who are beginning to wake up to the reality of their own power and the way the media and governing bodies have totally fucked them out of an authentic living experience, start getting pissed. Pissed enough to stop tuning into the news and following what they know to be incorrect in their heart and guts.

In this timeline, people experience accelerated spiritual awakenings by not resisting the universal force pushing them into themselves at this moment in time. They embrace and accept this, begin tapping into their INFINITE reserves of power and start working collaboratively to restore enough balance within there localities to begin working together on a larger plan of action. One that ends in the complete eradication of the system(s) currently in place. This is not as challenging as one might think. The media is not self-sustaining. It runs on human attention. I have worked for them. I know.

And here is where the meditation comes in.

Everything that manifests in reality starts out as a thought-form. The more a thought-form is energized by active attention, the more likely it is to manifest in reality.

By energizing a thought form of mass awakening and planetary restoration, the more likely the FAITH timeline is to play out.

This meditation involves activating the power stored at our heart center, directing it towards oxygen-emitting plants, and utilizing that oxygen to activate the 12 strand DNA in humans. For simplicity, we can consider the activation of the 12 strand DNA and experiencing a spiritual awakening the same thing.

This process has already started along the Ley lines of the earth, with the plants of these areas emitting an upgraded form of oxygen. Because we are at a tipping point, it is essential to accelerate this process by activating the 12 strand DNA within ourselves, by collaborating with the planet. We have the power to do this, we are programmed for this. It is in our DNA to wake up.

The purpose of this meditation is to create a feedback loop of planetary regeneration and spiritual awakening. This can only be done with group participation. Mass energization of a specific and timeline-altering reality that can and will become self-sustaining/automatic if performed by enough people.

The planet needs ALL of you to show up. Now. For real, the future is in our hands.
🌓 April 30, 9pm EST 🌓
🌗 May 14, 9pm EST 🌗
The first meditation will be on April 30, 9pm EST to coincide with the moon entering it’s first quarter.

The second AND MOST IMPORTANT meditation will take on May 14, 9pm EST, after the moon has entered its 3rd quarter. 

We are preparing for the NEW MOON on May 22, which has the potential to shift us more completely into NEW EARTH.

The veil between dream and reality is thinner than ever - it’s time to create the one we want. If this resonates, please share with your network.

*body position: you should be lying down on your back, with your arms outstretched on either side in shape of a T, your head resting on a pillow

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