more signs than sun

pt I: high watt beam layer as a tantrum of love    /   pt II: light tunneled into thin blue lines

looking for performance-minded artists and 2 more male actors interested in collaborating on a poetic, non-linear, diy stage production. think new york school. reza abdoh. richard foreman. gertrude stein. david antin. as yet, uncategorized in form - translated into 2 full length plays. written for a cast of 6, in the continuous present, without recurring scenes/characters. distilled, the content can be best described as american, with an emphasis on the media and other forces shaping our collective psyche. an exercise in challenging, through the voice’s’ of 143 characters, what it is
to be ‘whole’.
to embody a whole
to me, to you =  as bodies = as hole, as pole
  re: points of separation