I am light tunneled into thin blue lines
I mean, I am a human body
But prefer a stateless state
Unchanging, but still : moving inside a human body
An astral projector
A skin suit wearing a blue tooth
A holographic wet dream
I was born awake to my true nature
I was born awake knowing I had a human body but that this body was not 'me'

My soul state has presided over my consciousness but shrank for large swaths of time so I could get on with the business of living out a 3D hell prescribed by my soul for the purpose of expansion. Meaning, like everyone else, I forgot who I really was so as to have the experience of reconnecting to, or realizing, my god self, in this life. Without knowing separation, one cannot know connection, darkness/light, emptiness/fullness, duality/oneness, etc.

(I am you too)
I've been psychic all my life - claircognizant, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient
I regained this, along with other abilities, in last few years during my process of (re)awakening
I'm here to share what I know to help others grow
I'm here to be of service
I'm here to guide and direct the human experience into consciousness
I'm here to level an evil playing field
I'm here to better the planet
I'm here to save the world
If you're reading this you are too, lucky!

The road to consciousness is not 'fun'  but it can be light
I’m here to let more light in
I'm here for (re)alignment, cosmic integration - bringing your soul back into your body and life experience
I'm here to channel higher wisdom from the clouds
I'm here to be a storm keeper
I'm here to do my job
I've lived in caves, jungles and woods
I've almost died three times
I’m a beekeeper and a hive
I'm an astral travel boat hand
I hold your best interests in/as mine.
In mind
I have no separation I am intertwined with all that is
So I can see right through you
I can feel right into you
I can see inside human bodies
I can open you up to yourself, your truth and true life
I am a CPR kit
I am a child playing operation in the sky
My grasp is always pointed
I can fly
My great aunt could levitate and did lots of work with Jesus, there’s a film about her
Before all this, a poet and an artist

Its hard to conceptualize myself in ‘normal’ terms.

My try:

I have been a student of mysticsm and the occult across lifetimes for the purpose of self empowerment and raising the collective vibration so as to improve the quality of the human/planet life experience. 

I hold conscious recollection of studying shapeshifting and protection rituals performed by tribes in Borneo as an explorer. In another iteration, I lead an underground group of tantric sex practitioners in Eastern Europe in an attempt to harness and direct collective sexual energy to affect political change.

As an extra-dimensional, I have participated in galactic congresses regarding the state and trajectory of planet earth. I have overseen the manufacturing and delivery of liquidized crystals into the Ley lines of the planet, which upgrade the quality of oxygen emitted by plants along the grid. This molecularly refined oxygen activates the 12 strand DNA, innate in all humans, when it’s inhaled. This aspect of my soul’s work directly connected to the save the world meditation.

It has taken me 33 years to understand and hold this knowledge about myself (and the multiverse), which has remained vague  and hidden until I was psychically prepared. Prior to this, my life was essentially fumbling from one place and job to the next, half knowing I wasn’t on the right path but never understanding clearly what  I was ‘supposed’ to be doing instead. When I’d enquired within, the information I’d receive was so outlandish (see preceding paragraphs) to my socially conditioned mind, I’d dismiss it, bury it and continue to seek out answers elsewhere.

I began to awaken to the reality and truth contained in messages I’d received my whole life - channeled through art and writing - when I turned 30. My spiritual life began to blossom and I slowly started accepting what was coming through from ‘beyond the veil’. Around this time, a spinal issue that had caused mild disturbance grew increasingly unbearable, and by the end of 2018, completely debilitating.

No matter what I tried, the issue remained unresolved until only recently. It caused me to lose my job, apartment, friends, cat, possessions - everything attaching me to ‘life as I knew it’.  Having an unnamable health issue is not only isolating, but crazy-making, and crazy-seeming to the outside world. I lost faith in doctors, alternative health therapies, the world at large and myself for not being to rehabilitate myself and get on with life. I spent months meditating in isolation. I went to Ecuador to work with a shaman. I fasted in the desert for a month. I went to India to work with yogis, practicing 6 hours/day, all to no avail.

Deep down, I knew the issue coincided with my spiritual development and would resolve as soon as I stepped up to the task of ‘being/accepting who I am’. The suffering was necessary training to make me stronger, wiser and capable of holding the largeness of my being. A largeness contained in all-beings, which has sadly been conditioned out of human consciousness by forces intent on keeping us small, controlled and sedated.

My task now is to continue what I started lifetimes ago - waking people up to their own largeness and igniting a collective force of change that will forever eradicate the mass enslavement of the human race. In other words, creating the conditions necessary to live life aligned to our true nature, rather than against it.

We are so much more than we are right now. Let’s get to work :D

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